How will you receive your Video/Stills?

Both video and stills, once edited can be emailed or written to disk and sent to the customer.  For an additional fee, you will have the option to have your video/stills uploaded to a flash drive (dependent on file size).  Please call/email us for more information.

Coming Soon

-Any still photo can be sent to our media converter and enlarged on paper or canvas.

-Print directing and custom framing options

So please visit for updates.

Typical Pricing

  • Overhead Real Estate Still Photos Again for Updates (Up to 20)–$150
  • Real Estate Video (30 seconds edited)–$250 and up
  • Construction/Progress Updates (time lapsed) $250 first shoot\$25–100 per additional shoot. Varies by location.
  • Parties, Weddings, and Social Events–$350 and up.
  • Custom Action Sport Filming and Stills.

Custom Action Sport Filming and Stills

Pricing for this category varies as some shoots are simple and others much more complex. I.e., skateboarding versus waterskiing, as the VAV operator, I must remain in a line of sight with the subject being filmed. Water sports require that I too must be on the water. Every shoot is unique. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Before a flight shoot we must request permission from the F.A.A. (Federal aviation Authority). This may take a few days in some cases depending on location in relation to fly zones. I.e., airports, heliports or any aircraft traveled skyway.

When shooting weddings or social events, we are required to gain permission from all persons beneath our flight path. It would be a basic waiver or permission slip allowing us to operate our craft overhead. Depending on the number of individuals in attendance, this could take up to 30 days in some cases.

Weather, rainfall, and cloud cover are just a few of Mother Nature’s obstacles we must work around. Ideal weather makes for an ideal shoot.


Pricing and Service Rates


Pricing will vary due to mileage, time, and tolls.  Please visit our contact page and include the area or address of the shoot location so we may provide a more accurate quote.

Still Photo Versus Video

Generally, still photos are less costly than video. Although we use advanced editing software to adjust and enhance still photos, video editing requires a more detailed and time-consuming process. Therefore prices are given on a per job basis.

Planning Ahead

We are registered with the F.A.A. (Federal aviation Authority). Because of the numerous laws, rules and regulations that govern us in order to keep the public safe, planning is critical.